Pepperidge Farm Goldfish "Grahams S'mores"

I'd been longing for this Goldfish "Grahams S'mores" and finally got a chance to try.
Last time I had fudge brownie and it was quite good.

The difference would be the colors of the cookies.
Fudge brownie is also grahams series and both are creating chocolate flavored sweets.
Though, brownie is just dark brown (unless it's covered with frosting) so all the goldfishes were single color.
This S'mores resembles not only the flavor of the real S'more we know, but also the colors.
As you can see on the package, this one has 3 colors.
From the left, light brown (graham cookie), white (marshmallow), and dark brown (chocolate).
Besides the little fishes swimming, the image of the S'more looks really tasty...

I thought it was really neat and it'd be fun to find all the 3 colors to eat them all together.

When I saw inside of the bag, I found white fishes were smaller than the others.
If they're same size, it can't happen as white (pale color) looks bold and bigger than as it is because they're expansive color.
So, definitely they made the white fish tinier than other 2.
And as it's grahams, they have face on solely one side, which wasn't a surprise.

Before I ate them together, I didn't understand why the marshmallow white fish was smaller than others, but I think the marshmallow, which was like squeezed, dried, and hard, was much sweeter than the other 2 cookies (graham and chocolate).
So maybe they tested a whole bunch of varied sized white fishes to find the best balance to create S'mores flavor?
This S'mores was less sweet than actual ones but no need to use fire or skewer, and even no ingredients needed to enjoy quick S'mores.

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