Oreo Lemon Twist (Limited Edition)
Oreo has launched another limited edition flavor called "Lemon Twist."

The package is obviously yellow.
And a huge lemon on the package with wedged lemon.

When I think of Oreo, the cookies are usually black and the cream between the cookies is white and sugary-yet-smooth.

This cookie is yellowish pale color.
The cream inside has two colors; yellow and white.
The flavor was lemon but personally I didn't think it'd go well with the plain cookie since the cream was definitely had refreshing lemon flavor but a little bit weak and sour taste like lemon with regular white sweet cream.

<Side of the package>
It says, "Natural flavor with other natural flavor."
I really wonder what they mean other natural flavor besides natural flavor. 
Need more info!

<Nutrition Fatcs>
Only 2 cookies are 150 kcal.
I never really thought of Oreo cookie calories but now I know it's not low at all....

Coincidentally I had 2 cookies and I was done.
Personally it wasn't my favorite flavor as it was more like sugary-but-sour-and-fresh besides I've got a sweet tooth.

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