Pepperidge Farm: Caramel Apple Pie
Naturally Flavored Soft Dessert Cookies "Limited Edition"

Pepperidge Farm launched a limited edition flavor soft cookie called Caramel Apple Pie.
This is a soft and chewy cookie.

The package reminded me of fall leaves as the background is mix of yellow, orange, and brown with some layers of leaf-shaped drawings.
Also you can see an apple shape on the upper middle colored with dark orange.

On the right side, there's a picture of an whole apple and cut apple with caramel, in which I just recalled Rosh Hashanah, which uses honey, not caramel.

On the back side, it says, "Sink your teeth into Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Pie dessert cookies. The expert bakers at Pepperidge Farm are baking-up decadent dessert-inspired cookies, made with premium ingredients, and a perfect blend of caramel and real apples, for a soft-baked, rich, melt-in-your mouth experience."

It's interesting to see that they focused on how they were inspired and what they used to create this cookie as those phrases/words are in bold. 
If I hadn't have read the whole lines, I'd have easily picked up their intention and taste.

On the side, as always, ingredients and nutrition info.

To my surprise, only one piece of cookie contains 130kcal....

It's literally like a "dessert-cookie" as most of the tasty dessert are high calories except sorbet or fresh fruits.

I've never figured out but many times, high calories desserts look tastier and so attractive to me even though I'm on a diet.

Time to try the soft cookie.

I was expecting to get sweet caramel flavor in the package but all I could sense was strong cinnamon flavor.

When sneaked a peek inside, I saw a pretty big cookies with some little chocolate chip-looking chunks.
Tried this soft cookie wondering why it has such a strong cinnamon flavor, and I felt again that it was more like "Cinnamon Apple Pie" instead of naming it with a word "caramel."

It was soft as it's advertised and had some apple flavor also however I didn't see any apple pieces in it.
The chocolate chip-ish chunks turned out to be caramel dices. --- Now it finally makes sense that it's a caramel apple pie flavor.

It was really soft and moist so it was actually "sink your finger before sinking your teeth into Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Pie dessert cookies. "

It tasted ok but I'm not a big fan of strong cinnamon flavor.
I would crave this less than I do other Pepperidge Farm cookies/biscuits.

If you like soft cookie besides cinnamon, it's worth trying and it's only available for limited time. It's possible that they factory already shipped out all the baked cookies!

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