Souffle Pancake and French Toast at Hoshino Coffee /

Nowadays, pancake is so famous and many pancake shops are opening in busy areas in Tokyo like Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando, and etc.

However, this Hoshino Coffee shop has been making pancakes before the pancake boom has arrived.

A reputed pancakes of Hoshino Coffee shop are souffle pancakes.
Like the name has "souffle," it's like souffle.
Also, another distinguished point is that the pancakes are prepared in a kiln.

As the shop serves coffee mainly, the atmosphere was nice and quiet.

The lighting wasn't bright and it was slightly dark.

The front of the menu was so simple and modest in which I couldn't imagine they serve such a soft and puffed up pancakes.

Besides on the front, it only mentions coffee how they choose the beans, drip, and serve to customers.

On the first page, there's a list of coffee and on the second page, there're some other beverages.

And on the third page, there're gratin, pasta, doria (rice casserole), french toast, etc.
On the fourth page, finally there're souffle pancakes.
It takes about 20 minutes to make this pancake as they make it after getting order each time.
On the menu, with little font, they have a word for caution.
Also, when you place an order, they'd mention again that it'd take 20 minutes.

We ordered french toast and souffle pancake "double."
French toast came first, which doesn't take that long.
In a iron pan, thick sliced french toast was sitting with ice cream looking like whipped cream.
Served with a little glass jar of maple syrup.
While pouring the maple syrup, we could see the whipped cream started melting into bread.
This bread was really really soft and thick.
It kind of made me think of Yamazaki Double Soft (a name of bread).

It was open kitchen and we could see when they're dripping coffee and taking out pancakes from the special oven, which looked like soft-version of cream puff.

A load of pancakes were taken out from the oven, removed from souffle pan, and finished with whipped margarine (or butter) on the top and they're waiting on the counter to be served.

Finally my pancake came to our table.
From the distance, I could tell it's puffed up high and tall.

This is how it looks. Yes, it's tall.
Each pancake was about 3-4cm (1-1.5 inch).

I put iPhone next to pancake to show how tall this is.
*The plate had slight tilt to it so actually it was about the same height as iPhone 4.
Outside of the pancake was crispy not like regular pancake I've had before.
Those tended to be just soft and no crust on the surface.
Inside of the pancake was definitely soft and moist.
The sponge absorbed maple syrup well and got heavy so that to have a big piece on a fork was difficult and the pancake fell apart.
I learned to cutting it smaller pieces were better without making a mess.

Double was 680 JPY, and single was 530 JPY.
Regardless of little difference, I wanted to have double to see how big it would be from the first.

As they had some other non-sweet plates, I'd love to go back there and try some of them.

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  1. I'd kill for that pancake recipe. Name the time, place & target and it's done :.P

    1. Sorry for the late reply!
      It's called Hoshino Coffee, a chain in Japan.
      In Japanese, it's written "星乃珈琲店" and one is in Shinjuku, near east exit of Shinjuku station.

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  3. Sweets are another thing why I want to visit Japan sometimes. Because they have so many amazing sweetness stores! I read a lot about them at a review on yourwriters. I think Japanese people are amazing, because they try to make everything better. Even if it's about simple pancakes.