Pepperidge Farm: Milano Slices Sweet Toffee

I've been a fan of Pepperidge Farm products and tried several cookies when I'm lucky enough to find them in Japan.

So far, I've had these items below.
Original Milano,
Mint Milano,
Sausalito Milk Chocolate Macadamia,
Tahoe White Chocolate Macadamia,
Double Chocolate Nantucket Dark Chocolate, and
Goldfish Crackers (a bunch of flavors)

This time, I first tried Milano Slices Sweet Toffee.

Milano Slices have chocolate on a side of thin cookie, but it's left as it is and not covered with another slice.
So, you can see the chocolate with toffee on cookies basically.

I've never tried any of Pepperidge Farm cookie which doesn't look like a sandwich (chocolate between 2 slices of cookies).

Back side of the package says, 

"Discover this thin, crispy cookie covered in a layer of rich chocolate topped with delightfully sweet toffee... Just a small slice of heaven!"

Yes, I need to experience the heaven.

Nutrition Facts.

150kcal for 3 cookies, which is about the same calories of one bowl of rice.

But who cares? Tasty things are sometimes bad for you, and even though you know that, you'd still eat them anyway.

Baked with no artificial flavors or preservatives (just one more reason why they're so good).

This line also made me expect a lot for this cookie.

Time to open the bag...

I see cookies! I see chocolate!! And little toffee chunks!!!
Usually, most of their cookies have same fragrant of chocolate only, however, this one had sweet caramel flavor with the ordinary chocolate scent.

Luckily they have 3 paper cups with 5 cookies each, so I can easily pour the fallen off toffee chunks into my mouth.

Size and shape of the cookie was well-known oval and about 8cm (2.5 inch.).

I'd say this chocolate was not milk chocolate but more like dark chocolate since they sprinkled crunchy toffee over it.

Cookie had a shortcrust texture and the chocolate was smooth.
It was definitely a tasty cookie but one slice wasn't enough for me of course.
I had maybe 3-4 cookies and pour the toffee in a paper cup into my mouth.
It was definitely a moment of heaven.

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