Tokyo Disneyland: Halloween has just started!

Every year, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney sea have Halloween for about 2 months.

This year, they started the autumn season special event from September 7th and it will go on till October 31st.

Halloween is supposed to be on October 31st, yes, we know. 
September is still damn hot and sunlight is brutal, thus it hardly has resemblance to fall at all...

However, considering they provide special decoration at the park besides hotel rooms, goods,  accessories, cookie tins, buffet, course menu, or Halloween costumed Mickey Mouse drawing class, running this special seasonal event for 2 months is a quite good length since some only can aim to go there on weekends. 

Anyways, we went to Disneyland on September 8th, Saturday and it's the first weekend after they launched Halloween.

Our mission was pretty much to try the Halloween only snacks plus to draw special Mickey in the drawing class.

All the foods we tried that day are the following.

(1) Center Street Coffeehouse 
It's a set menu and comes with plain yogurt with strawberry sauce in a small bowl, 2 pancakes with Mickey face, and you can choose one drink.

A waitress at the reception informed us that they'd changed this pancake and it had been Mickey face shaped but now it's Mickey face PRINTED. 
I didn't know the old style so I didn't really care or less.

Pancake was quite good! Flavorful and soft yet had light spongy texture.
*This is an year-long menu.

Close look of the Mickey pancake.
Available at Center Street Coffee House from 8:00AM - 10:00AM.

(2) Pumpkin Parfait
Pumpkin pudding, sauce, rice puffs, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin ice cream, vanilla ice cream with chocolate ghost.

Pumpkin pudding was really rich and pumpkin seeds and rice puffs gave a nice punch and crispness to the melty soft ice cream.

The ghost peeking out was definitely cute.

Available at Troubadour Tavern and Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar.

(3) Pumpkin Churro
They usually have cinnamon, maple, and strawberry churros in Disneyland but during Halloween, some of the concession stands stop selling cinnamon or maple and only have pumpkin churro.
We always think this pumpkin flavor should be year-around flavor.

Available at Pecos Bill Cafe and Lucky Nugget Cafe.

(4) Halloween Special Buffet at Crystal Palace

As I mentioned, they have Halloween special buffet at some restaurants.
It's easier and more choice than fixed course menu, I think.

To bring the Halloween theme to the buffet area, some of the dishes were decorated with purple sauce, patterns of witch, pumpkin, bats, Jack O'lantern, and so on.

Pumpkin Croquet
Cut into half pumpkin croquet with purple sauce.
The pumpkin was sweet and it was better than regular croquet.

Jambalaya with bat motif and black sausage.
The rice was shaped into coffin first but when I got there, it was already dug in.
It was more like ketchup rice than jambalaya.

Rice Omlet Balls 
Rice Omlet Balls with ghost shaped tortilla chips.
Can you find them soaking or dancing in the sauce?
There're only 3 ghosts in one bawl so to get the chips was competitive.

Like rice omlet, this little balls were made from eggs and ketchup rice inside.
These balls looked like takoyaki (octopus ball).

Pumpkin gnocchi gratin
Only 2 Jack O'lantern shaped chips were set on the whole gratin. 
I got this chips also with ghost shaped one on the rice omlet balls ;)

This pumpkin gnocchi gratin was amazing.
I love the texture of gnocchi and the taste of sweet pumpkin.

Broccoli and salmon's quiche
The red part is supposed to be a witch on a bloom facing to the left.
I couldn't get a chance to take oven fresh one.

Honey Cake
A lot of ghost-shaped chocolates on little cakes.

Pumpkin roll cakes
This pumpkin roll cake was super soft and the cream was rich.
It was one-bite size.

Chocolate brownie
Chocolate brownie with white sugar decoration of Jack O'lantern on the surface.
This Jack O'lantern has 2 ears like Mickey.

I bought some Halloween tins for me.
I Don't Bite
In a coffin shaped black tin, individually packed chocolate and cookie.

Halloween 2012
Inside of this orange tin, there're several varieties of cookies.
Big Jack O'lantern Mickey was placed on the center.
Underneath the big Mickey, little Mickey lanterns were hiding.

<<Except the Mickey pancake, they're all Halloween season only.>>

It has just started last week and I can't wait to go to Disney Sea to try some other limited foods, too.

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