Halloween Oreo / ハロウィーン オレオ

Not only costume industries get busy around this time, but also food companies are launching limited selections, too.

Nowadays Japan has been following the Western culture yet the brightness of the color and the range of foods are not comparable.

Nabisco started selling Halloween Oreo and I'm lucky enough to try this.
On the package, there're 3 witches.
2 of them are mixing a big pot which contains orange liquid and the other witch is instructing with a book saying, 
"5 Boorific Shapes 
orange colored cream
   same great taste!"

It was my first time to pay attention on the package and to the details on it.
And I was actually happy to see the cream has normal flavor as the regular Oreo has.

On the side of package, there's a photo of the Halloween special Oreo and witch flying on a bloom in front of full moon.
The color of orange cream looked as vivid as cheddar cheese.

Back side of the package has all the different embossed surface.
Clockwise from top left; 
Ghost with bats, 
Pumpkins (Jack O'Lantern), 
Witch on a bloom flying in the night sky (with stars and crescent moon), and 
Cat with bats (with stars and horned moon).

Let's see the cookies inside!
Pulling the "lift" tab, it's easy to open and you can close the lid to keep the cookies fresh.
(Not sure since when they use this special sticking cover.)

Same as the package, the cream has vivid orange color.
Smelled exact flavor which I'm used to when I eat Oreo.

I tried all of the 5 patterns and it was fun to look for them since they're packed randomly.

Needless to say, they tasted so good. 
I think I like the regular Oreo flavor the most.
However, I also wonder what if they had used pumpkin flavor in the filling.
Personally, I'm positive that they can pull it off really well.

I should have checked my tongue to see if it became orange from the artificial coloring....

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