New York Grill in Park Hyatt Tokyo / ニューヨークグリル (パークハイアット東京)

I've been to Park Hyatt Tokyo several times to have brunch, drink, or afternoon tea.
But last night, we went to New York Grill in Park Hyatt Tokyo, located in Shinjuku.
(It's well-known by tourists as "Lost in Translation" was filmed in this hotel.)

New York Grill is located on the 52nd floor but there's no direct elevator to take.
To get to the 52nd floor, you need to go to the 2nd floor and take an elevator to the 41st floor.
On the 41st floor, they have afternoon tea during daytime (Peak Lounge) and drinks at night (Peak Bar).
Once you get to the 41st floor, make a right turn and walk pass Girandole (French restaurant) on your left.
You'll find bookshelves nearby and go through them as the floor goes on.
There's another elevator and take it to the 52nd floor.

It was a quite walk but good to have more appetite.

Walk through the New York Bar, where you can enjoy live jazz music, and you finally get to a vast space with large windows to see the great view.
As we were sitting the farthest from the window, I couldn't take any great photo but still we could see some scenery.

I wish the floor was like stairs and the farther you sit from the window, the higher the floor gets.

The restaurant mainly uses indirect lightning and that provided a cozy atmosphere.

When a waiter came and took our order, I asked him who drew one of the paintings on the wall.
He said it's an Italian painter Valerio Adami.
There're 2 paintings in New York Grill and other 2 are in New York Bar, so total 4 paintings are on the 52nd floor and all of them have a same theme; New York.
(I'm impressed that he remembers them all.)

I wasn't sure how big all the dishes would be, we ordered one appetizer to start with, which was a right choice. 
They brought bread while we're waiting for and they're pretty addictive.
Butter on the side looked like vanilla ice cream as it's solid and placed in a white china cup and the surface was so smooth and free of spot. 

The bread was fresh baked and outside was crispy but the inside was soft and moist.
The texture was close to ciabatta.

Then after a while, appetizer came.
Pasta Radiatori with summer truffle, mushrooms, and buffalo ricotta.
As we're sharing appetizer, they already divided into 2 plates and served us.
Though it's one-person's portion, it's pretty big.

Radiatori looks like Fusilli, but this one had about 10 rows of ruffles and on the other side was smooth, and as it's cooked, it curled up.

Mushrooms were shimeji, eryngii, and hen of the woods as far as I could see.
It might have contained porcini, too.

Coevered with thin slices of buffalo ricotta and truffle.
Ricotta was soft and smooth and truffle was a little bit crunchy so that all the ingredients provided different and interesting texture in a bowl.

It was already so good and tasty, I thought I could just order this as my main dish.

Here comes my main.
Veal shank with spicy lemon sauce.
The meat was slowly braised and it was so soft that I didn't have to put any pressure on the knife. 

Decent amount of spices rid its smell and the lemon sauce which had some sort of curry flavor.

To take the meat from the bone (the one in the middle) was really easy thanks to the well-cooked meat.

Sides were mashed potatoes with garlic chips and grilled summer vegetables with basil oil.
I expected the potatoes would be about the same size as a big scoop of ice cream but I was wrong. 
It's hard to tell how big it was, but I'd say it was about a hand size with fist height.
Grilled vegetables were really great; red and yellow peppers, zucchini, broccoli, and eggplant.

As all the plates were pretty large and "American size," we didn't finish all the dishes but of course enjoyed them.

The waiter brought us dessert menu so we ordered Mint-chocolate ganache served with marshmallow bar and peppermint ice cream.
The white one is peppermint ice cream.
Shiny one in the middle is mint-chocolate ganache with thin sliced caramelized decoration.
A triangle shaped bar is a marshmallow bar with something crispy (caramel or pie sheet?).
Some crumbs of dark chocolate cookies.

Peppermint ice cream looked as if it's vanilla but as soon as I put into my mouth, I could totally taste strong mint flavor.

Ganache was smooth but a little bit chewy.

Marshmallow bar was the best!

Even though we're full and left some meats on the plates, we definitely had room for dessert.

The quantity on the plates were pretty large so I might skip appetizer next time.
I really wish they had half size for all the dishes they have with 2/3 (or half, ideally) of the full price.

When we arrived, the restaurant and jazz bar (New York Bar) were pretty full so we could understand they needed time to take orders and bring our plates, but after most of them had left, it still took them forever to take care of the bill.

Since they serve pretty decent food with quality, I'd like to go back and try some other plates.
Just I hope next time we won't have to wait that long.

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