Chicken McNuggets Red Curry Sauce / チキンマックナゲット レッドカレーソース

McDonald's Japan has had "World McDonald's campaign" and the new theme, India has started last Friday, August 17, Friday.
(First one was France.)

As I hate mayo, I can't try the Hot Masala burger, which is curry spices mixed with mayonnaise sauce with chicken thigh meat burger.

Also, they have Mild Masala, which less spicy than Hot Masala.

Either way, I just focus on the nuggets.

They created new and limited curry flavored nuggets sauce.

White meat, yes.

No mayo, yes in deed.

So I tried this last Friday.

The package looked like regular BBQ sauce as it's red.

But maybe this one is slightly darker?

Since McNuggets is still the same one and doesn't have any change, it's easy to see how well the sauce would be.

The sauce smelled like curry, and it wasn't a Japanese curry flavor but Indian curry.
However, it didn't resemble curry...

Somehow I saw yellow oil floating around the roux.

When I saw the advertisement saying "red" so I expected it was hot, but not that spicy.

The sauce tasted a little bit sour but not sure where it came from because the package only says "acidic ingredients."

It matched nuggets fine but somehow, it went better with fries.

After I dipped all the nuggets twice each = 10 times to finish a box, there's still enough sauce left in the case and I could dip maybe 20 fries.

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