Lawson's "Gyutto Cream Cheese" and "Gyutto Chocolat" / 
ローソン 「ぎゅっとクリームチーズ」と「ぎゅっとショコラ」

I tried Lawson's new sweets called "Gyutto Cream Cheese" and also "Gyutto Chocolat."
These couple of years, many convini (abbreviated word for convenience store) create their own brand's sweets; cheap but keep the quality.

"Gyutto" is a mimetic word and means "squeezed" "tightly" "firmly" and "hard."
Here this "Gyutto" is used to explain that they've condensed the palatability to create these mini desserts are flavorful and have rich texture.

It was about 10cm (3inch) long and 3cm (1inch) height.

<< Gyutto Cheese Cake >>
This was exactly a little cheese cake.
Same as the regular cheese cake, it had cookie crumbs at the bottom.

<< Gyutto Chocolat >>
It was as moist and heavy as gateau au chocolat!

The film at the bottom of this cake was neat.

It has slits from each side in the middle and you can rip it off or fold it down when you eat when you're not using a plate or folk.

This slits prevented me from eating the cake with this thin film.
As the package said, they're rich and the texture was heavy.

I think the size was perfect since they're pretty strong and thick.

Maybe good for a little snack or when you want to have just a bite after a meal.

Available at Lawson
130 yen each.
Gyutto Cream Cheese: 244 kcal
Gyutto Chocolat: 235 kcal

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