Häagen-Dazs Murasaki Imo / ハーゲンダッツ 紫いも
Häagen-Dazs launched a new autumn limited flavor, Murasaki Imo.

Murasaki Imo is a famous sweet potato in Okinawa, and inside of the potato is deep purple.
"Murasaki" is purple, and "Imo" means potato in Japanese.

I've had Beni Imo (another way to say Murasaki Imo) tart, which the one of the most popular souvenirs of Okinawa.

So, when I found this at one of conbini chain, I was excited and couldn't wait to try this.

The package on the plastic lid is pretty vivid potato and the color is same as the Beni Imo Tart.

However, the ice cream isn't this purply and looked pale with stronger violet strips.
According to the homepage, this ice cream has 2 textures.

Creamy ice cream (pale part) and the rich texture sauce (the strips).

First bite, ".....???"

I didn't get any Murasaki Imo flavor I'm used to or was expecting.

Second bite, "....  ...... ...... mmm...."

I still didn't think it's Murasaki Imo.

When I had some sauce with, I could slightly smell the Murasaki Imo scent but it's quite weak.
Digging the ice cream deeper, I saw more sauce but to me, the ration wasn't that good.

I felt as if I was eating light purple colored milk ice ream with a minute amount of Murasaki Imo taste.

If the package was blank, I might have not recognized it's supposed to be Murasaki Imo.

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