CoCo Ichiban-ya Curry Rusk / Coco壱番屋カレーラスク

Yamazaki launched curry flavored rusk made from bread crust.

It's supervised by CoCo Ichiban-ya, a Japanese curry chain.

Yamazaki has collaborated with CoCo Ichiban-ya so often; for Lunch Pack and Gourmet Box.


ココイチ特製 とび辛 スパイス使用

According to the package, they used CoCo Ichi's special "super-hot" spices.
*We abbreviate the name into "CoCo Ichi" when we say.

This rusk is produced spicy and flavorous as Coco Ichi's popular pork curry.

On the back side of the package, there's a drawing to show which part of bread is used.
The package was about 10cm x 23cm more or less (= about 4inch x 9inch).

I expected there'd be a lot of curry rusk but there wasn't.
Maybe they intentionally made the bag big enough to have air in to prevent the crispy rusks from breaking apart?
The rusk was really crispy and had curry flavor. 

However, I couldn't really tell if it resembles CoCo Ichi's pork curry as I've never had their pork broth curry but only beef stock one.

To me, tt was one of the curry flavored snacks.

They're claiming that they worked with Coco Ichi and used their special spices, it could have had some remarkable aspects, for example providing a sachet of spice powder to give more kicks to this rusk.

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