Espressoda / エスプレッソーダ

Suntory invented a new type of coffee drink this summer.

It's coffee but soda.


Some people were talking about this Espressoda on twitter but none mentioned what it was like.

Even though I don't drink coffee unless it's cafe au lait, this weird product attracted me so much and I just wanted to gibe it a shot.

On the left side, there's a little box showing a little note.

Refreshingly rich taste (in the red section).

Fine sweetness (yellow section).

"A twist of bold coffee and refreshing soda."

"You can enjoy great richness and bitterness from espresso with blast of soda. This would be a tasty drink in the afternoon."

It smelled like a regular coffee indeed.

It was super thin coffee and after I drank it, it tasted as if it was tea with lemon.

To me, it was almost a torture to have another sip, so I only had one taste.

It's not because I didn't try this in the afternoon but because I just didn't like it...

I'm glad that I tried this but I also got disappointed for a little bit since I was thinking it might be better than this.

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