Bills at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

Not only lately, but there're so many types of restaurants in Tokyo.
One of the remarkable trend is that "breakfast restaurants" are booming:
For example, Eggs'n Things, Rainbow Pancake, and Bills.

Bills is famous for its ricotta cheese pancake, which is set on the highest floor in Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku opened in April 2012.
In Kanto area, there're 4 Bills so far; Shichirigahama and Yokohama (both in Kanagawa pref.) and Odaiba and Omotesando (in Tokyo).

I think Omotesando one was located in the center of busy area and actually convenient to get there without any problem except the crowds.

When we got there, it's around 5pm.
There was a long line to get a table but half of them were already reserved and just waiting to be called their names.

They said it's completely booked till 6pm. We decided to wait in the line.
Luckily, we didn't have to stand in the line that long, it's about 30 minutes before we got a table.

I thought it was "all day breakfast" place but they actually changes menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.

The popular pancake was on dinner menu so I could try it.
When it's served, it wasn't on a flat plate but almost like a shallow soup bowl.
It had mouthwatering flavor of butter on top.
The height/thickness of each slice was about 1~1.5cm (half inch).
Sides with 2 bananas.
Small jar of maple syrup: it's actually much nicer than the huge and yucky bottle always sitting on the table for anybody and anytime.
As it looked, the pancake was really soft and thick, but had light texture.
However, it was my first time to try ricotta cheese pancake, I couldn't tell if it's cooked well or not since the inside was a bit mushy and watery.

I realized I'm not a big fan of ricotta cheese pancake... but I ate most of it.

Everyone has different taste and preference, but personally I wouldn't get excited about their pancake anymore.

My summarize is;
> 30-60 minutes waiting
> non-professional service with kind of an attitude
> soft and spongy pancake
> fresh bananas
> maple syrup in a personal -sized small jar

My rating (out of 5);
*Service: 1.5
*Taste: 3.5
*Cost Performance: 2

I'd still love my pancake with Park Hyatt Delicatessen and their 100% maple syrup more than Bills.
It's the best because no need to wait nor ricotta cheese inside for sure.

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