Lunch Pack Collection:
Towada Bara Yaki (Supervised by Towada Bara Yaki Seminar)

Bara is beef flank and Yaki means BBQ in this case. 
Sweet and spicy marinated beef flank with onion.

Towada is a name of city in Aomori prefecture.

It's their soul food and back in 2008, a citizen group founded "Towada Beef Flank Seminar."

Their test word is,"La vie en rose" which means "life in rosy hues."

Bara is "rose" and also means "rib/flank" in Japanese. Thus, they cross rose with rib/flank in the word to intend to say,"Rosy live with beef flank."
「バラ焼きで、バラ色の人生を」 in Japanese.

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