Tokyo Disney Resort

Went to Disneyland and Disney Sea over the weekend.
Disneyland is having a Halloween decoration till the end of October, and this year, 2011 is Disney Sea's 10th Anniversary.

Here are some of the snacks and foods we tried.

Strawberry Churro

A small shop close to Space Mountain, they have Mickey shaped Strawberry Churro.

The dough was slightly pink and had a lot of strawberry flavored sugar around the churro.

Flavors are different each shop.

Chicken Nugget

This one was also available near the Space Mountain.

White meat.

No BBQ sauce is offered but ketchup is near the napkins and plastic cutlery section.

Halloween Lunch Plate (Disneyland Hotel Lounge)

A plate of pumpkin spread sandwich and fruit omlet as a dessert.

The sandwich bread is curved like a lantern and used pumpkin spread.
Underneath of prosciutto, there're red and yellow paprika and onion with dressing.

Fruit omlet was having a thin cookie plate of a  ghost holding a sign saying, "Halloween."

Minnie Mouse Parfait

Available at Disneyland Hotel.

Minnie Mouse motif parfait.
Mainly pink decoration.

Minnie face cookie and white chocolate hands with white dot pink ribbon over the top.

Various fruits, ice cream, whipped cream and pudding was in the glass.

Pumpkin Churro

You can get this pumpkin flavored churro in Disney Sea, near Jasmine's Flying Carpets.

I think it's limited time flavor during Halloween event.

There's a long line as if it's one of the famous rides.

The dough was yellowish orange and smelled like pumpkin pudding.

Ukiwa-man (Tube Ban)

"Ukiwa" is swimming tube in Japanese and "man" is ban. (Like pork ban)

This Ukiwa-man contains minced shrimps.

Hot and fresh.

It's one of the snacks that can fill you up a bit more than regular sweet snacks.

Available in Disney Sea.

10th Anniversary Sweet Plate
(Yogurt Roll Cake)

Petit yogurt roll cake and souvenir plate set.

Blue colored sponge was really soft and reminds me of ocean.

White chocolate on the top has Mickey's shadow holding a magical stick and number "10" as it's 10th year since it's opened.

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