Tokyo Banana Baum Brulee

I'm sure that Tokyo Banana is famous for not only Japanese people but also foreigners.
Just in case if you're not aware of, it's a popular souvenir of Tokyo.

It's a tiny banana shaped sponge cake with banana flavor.
Really soft and not too sweet, yellow color small cake packed individually.

In JR Tokyo station, when you go into the gate, you'll see a whole bunch of food and souvenir shops there.
Tokyo Banana shop at the station has regular Tokyo Banana (the little cake), cookies and this Baum Brulee.

This Baum Brulee is available only at Tokyo station and in the afternoon, most of the time it's sold out.
I'd been crazy to try, but every time I passed buy, I saw the evil paper not saying, "Sorry, sold out."

Luckily, someone got me the Baum Brulee, even in the afternoon!!

The Baum has slight banana scent and taste.
Over the top, it's caramélisée (or carameliser), which is caramelized sugar.
It's brown shiny sugar coating and gives crunchy texture.

The baum itself is really soft and moist banana cake.
It's not too sweet so once I started eating, I couldn't stop!

What special about this Tokyo Banana Baum Bulee is;
*Only at Tokyo station (not outside of the gate, INSIDE)
*May be sold out in the afternoon

If you ever go to Tokyo station and find this, I highly recommend you try this.
You won't regret.

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