Garigarikun Soda Premium Milk

Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd. launched a new and limited-time ice cream on Sept. 13th, 2011.

Garigarikun Soda is popular and has been sold since 1981, and this year is the 30th anniversary of Garigarikun Soda, so they made a cup version with higher fat milk.

According to the site, they created the best vanilla ice cream that goes with the soda-flavored shaved ice.
Thus, the shaved ice part has more ice than regular Garigarikun Soda. The ratio of syrup to ice is 1 to 2 to enhance the rasping texture.

They tested over 30 kinds of milk and vanilla ice creams to find this more than 14% fat premium milk ice cream.
You can enjoy the crunchy shaved ice cream and rich and creamy ice cream in one cup.

I read this Garigarikun cup was coming out soon so when I found this today, I got excited and bought it instantly without any doubt.

The ice part, it's same as regular Garigarikun, but the vanilla ice cream in the center, it's really rich and creamy. As the syrup is less, I could enjoy the vanilla ice cream well without getting sick of it.

It's more than double priced than regular Garigarikun ice bar, but it's only limited-time edition with  higher quality ice cream. Worth getting.

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