This is one of passion fruits you can find in South America.

I went traveling to Peru for 9 days and found so many new foods there.
Surprisingly, they have a lost of vegetables and fruits, except in high mountains.

First I thought I would be forced to eat meat, meat, and meat there, but it turned out totally opposite.
Full of veggies and fruits every day, every night! Wonderful!

Marakuyá is one of my faves now. Wish I could get it here in Japan but I guess no luck so far.

Looked so strange as;
*The skin/peel looks like orange but really smooth like a ball but hard to take it off.
*The inside, it has a sort of cotton between the skin and the seeds as if it keeps the inside safe.
*The very center, which you can eat, is a lot of seeds covered with jelly-ish tranparent stuff.

When I saw this first, I didn't touch it.
Next day, I saw this again and asked how to eat this, then the waiter told me how to eat.
"Use a spoon and dig it, then eat the seeds."
Also explained, "This is a passion fruits and really famous here. Columbia has the same fruit but the ones from Peru are sweeter and have more flavor."
(I see, they are proud of their products from their own country. )

To summarize the texture and taste, I would say;
Flavor: Orange
Taste: Citrus/orange zest in water
Texture: Jell-O + Pumpkinseeds (as it's flabby and crunchy)

To try the local food is always intersting and I'd keep trying new foods!!






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