Pancake Flavored Milk Shake

It sounds so bizarre that I had to get this and put it here so bad.
"Morinaga's Pancake flavored Milk Shake" set in a vending machine caught my attention instantly and without thinking, I got this weird can.

This is one fo the names which enables you to think and guess the taste as it's so direct (yet a bit of terrifying to try).

Opening the can, the sweet maple syrup flavor came out and I could imagine the taste already.
Didn't get to see the color of the liquid but I think it's yellow as it contains eggs, milk, maple syrup and tons of sugar, too.

I like this a lot actually and also thought it was the right quantity, 280ml (approx. 10 oz).
If it was sold in a bigger container, like 500ml (17 oz) pet bottle, you may not be able to finish it happily.

It's like "easy pancake without all the procedures" for me.
I'm thinking next time I find it, I'd pour into an ice cube tray and make it like a sherbet :)

ホットケーキ味 ミルクセーキ




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  1. これが すきです! It's one of my favorite things to send to friends in the US. It's just so weird!

  2. It even hit me so hard and had to get this ;)