Anmitsu (Azuki-Bean Paste Parfait)

Anmitsu is a Japanese dessert comes with mitsumame (red pea), agar cube, cherry, azuki-bean paste, mandarin orange and Gyūhi (a softer variety of mochi) all in a bowl. You'll use brown sugar syrup to pour over those above.

It is said the origin of anmitsu is back in 1930, a shop called Wakamatsu in Ginza started selling this sweet.
You can find this sweet through the year but it's most popular in summer as it's a seasonal tradition.

There're some variations of anmitsu;
"Cream Anmitsu"--- with whipped cream or ice cream
"Shiratama Anmitsu"--- with rice dumpling ball
"Fruit Anmitsu"---  with cut fruits

As it's Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets, we used to see them in a Japanese food restaurants or Japanese tea places.
However, nowadays, you can find one even in convenience stores like I did today.
If you want to give it a shot, I'd recommend cheap and smalls ones.



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