Park Hyatt Tokyo Delicatessen

Went to enjoy Sunday brunch at Park Hyatt Tokyo Delicatessen in Shinjuku.
This delicatessen has been set at the first floor in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Park Hyatt Tokyo.

In the showcases, there're varieties of sandwiches, croissant, salad, cheese, olives and dessert.
To avoid mayonnaise, I asked the salesclerk which one didn't contain mayo but those ones using mayo caught more attention, so skipped sandwiches all and had the list below;

(1) Cacao Croissant

This croissant is sold as cube.
Once you set an order, they slice and toast before serving you at the table.

As the name has croissant, it had butter flavor and was soft added a hint of cacao.

(2) Pasta with Eggplant, Octopus and Parmesan Cheese (served cold)

The sauce was tomate-base with a block of eggplant and ground octopus so first time I couldn't see the octopus but they're between the screws with cheese.

Thus, to me, it made a lot of sense they used fusilli for this dish.

(3) Prawn with Spicy Sauce (served cold)

Couldn't tell what all the spices are exactly, but I think they used star anise, which is one of the most popular spices to use for Chinese plates.

The prawn was about 3 to 4 inches and the sauce soaked into really well.

Not too much nor too little, the adequate spiciness.

(4) Lasagna

In the food showcase, this lasagna was sitting and waiting to be put in a oven.

Like the croissant, they finish up and bring it to the table oven fresh.

It had rosemary on the top.  Rosemary is probably used to clean the odor away and add some scent.

They say rosemary has been used for over a thousand year to help you have strong and long-lasting concentration, promote the blood circulation and block the oxidation of the cell besides aging.

In addition to those delicious plates, we had salad which you can choose dressing and also had French Lemonade as a  refreshment.

It was one of the great places to enjoy upper-middle class dishes in a luxuary hotel located in the center of Tokyo.

パークハイアット東京 デリカテッセン



(1) ココアクロワッサン(ハーフ)
(2) 茄子、タコ、チーズの冷製パスタ
(3) スパイシーソースのエビ
(4) ラザニア



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