Christmas Tree Frappuccino From Starbucks
スターバックスのクリスマスツリー フラペチーノ

(Japanese follows. / 日本語は以下へ続く。)

I got an e-mail today from Starbucks that they have "Christmas Tree Frappuccino," and it's only available from December 7th (today) till the 11th in the states
The HP had "Yule love it" as a pun, instead of "you'll love it."

After pilates, I went to a closest Starbucks and saw the hand drawn board on the wall, so I pointed out and ordered a tall size Christmas Tree Frappuccino.
Its description is the following.
"Delicious mocha and peppermint are blended with milk and ice, topped with a festive tree made of matcha infused whipped cream, a caramel drizzle and candied cranberries finished off with a strawberry tree 'topper.'"

Thus, my expectation is the below, as shown on the HP.

However, the staff handed me a non-festive version; it's missing caramel drizzles, candied cranberries and even the strawberry topper.
And I had to show him the photo of the product and the description on my phone, though they should have received from the HQ to begin with.
And he asked another staff what to put and she explained the finishing touches.
To make things worse (for me) was that he said, "We don't have strawberry" without feeling sorry as if it's normal for them. (WTF? It's the launching day!)
Seriously I can't really trust any Starbucks outside of Japan...

Anyways, this is what I got after getting it fixed with caramel drizzles and candied cranberries.

Over the green whipped cream that is resembled a tree, there're caramel drizzles and cranberries, but without a strawberry topper, it looks sad.

Mmmm, not photogenic...

It had subtle peppermint flavor, and was it's mixed with mocha, it's similar to mint chocolate to me.
Matcha infused whipped cream was quite weak, and if I hadn't known that it's matcha flavor, I wouldn't have noticed it since the base was stronger.
Candied cranberries were sweet-sour and fruity, and lightly crunchy, and caramel drizzles added rich sweetness.

I liked the flavor, so I'll order the same item in Canada this weekend to see if they can give me the picture-perfect Frappuccino with the correct ingredients.
Christmas Tree Frappuccino (Tall): 4.95 dollars (before tax)

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今日、スターバックスからメールが届き、「クリスマスツリー フラペチーノ」という期間
HPには"Yule love it"という綴りで、You'll love itの You'll を同じ発音のYule(yule log、

指差してクリスマスツリー フラペチーノのトールサイズを注文した。







クリスマスツリー フラペチーノ(トール): 4.95ドル(税抜)

スターバックス商品の他のレビュー: これまでに買ったスターバックスの商品

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