Sailor Venus Decoration

(Japanese follows. / 日本語は以下へ続く。)

My husband likes Pillsbury Funfetti Premium Cake Mix, so I baked a birthday cake for him yesterday.
I know his favorite frosting is chocolate, but I had to use vanilla because I was planning to do some decorations.
* Vanilla frosting can be substituted with whipped cream and cream cheese.

This is the completed cake.
Yes, this is Sailor Venus.
He liked Venus the best while I like Sailor Jupiter.

Here's the procedures, but I don't have detailed photo for every step and I'll do my best to explain how I did.
1. Print out an art I wanted to draw and make notes where to put each color. (If you can draw freehand, you can skip this process.)
2. Place a parchment paper over the art and follow the outlines and other parts like eyes and wrinkles in the clothes.
3. Flip the parchment paper and place it on a baking sheet. (The art is reversed.)
4. In a small plastic bag or a piping bag, put chocolate (dark or milk) and microwave to melt it.
5. Cut corner to make a tiny hole.
6. Draw the lines with melted chocolate and once all the dark lines are completed, put the baking sheet into a freezer for 5 minutes or until they're hard.
7. While chilling the lines, melt white chocolate in a bowl and cool it, otherwise the lines will melt if you pour hot melted white chocolate.
8. Take out the baking sheet from the freezer and put white chocolate over the white parts (clothes, lines on the callers and pupils).
9. Put the baking sheet back in the freezer till the chocolate gets firm.
10. While waiting, melt more white chocolate and add blue food coloring for the ribbons.
* I had trouble making this because the food colorings I had was made with water and when I put blue, the chocolate started crumbling and became like papier-mâché (play dough).
However, I couldn't add any white chocolate as the color would be paler, so I used my fingers to smoothen and melt the blue-colored chocolate and placed on the ribbons and eyes.
** I thought of using the vanilla frosting with color in place of white chocolate and spread a thin layer on a parchment sheet as a test, but the frosting didn't come off smoothly like chocolate was stuck on the sheet, thus, frosting can't be used as a substitute for chocolate.
*** Some parts which are not connected to the outlines (for example the pupils, nose, lips and white lines on the callers) can be easily moved so that when you pour chocolate with a spoon or a chopstick for small sections, you need to be very careful.

After that, I put orange (callers, choker, eating and a stone in the headpiece), yellow (hair, headpiece and the center of the ribbon), skin and red (ribbon on the head).
* Chocolate stayed runny when I put a tiny bit of water-based food coloring into a large amount of chocolate, and to put yellow on the hair was easy.

While cooling the chocolate, I baked cake with parchment paper at the bottom so that it'd come off easily.

This was how it looked the chocolate when it's completed.

After cooling the cake, I took out the cake and put the cake on a baking sheet with a new parchment paper. --- I wanted the flat side on the top so that it's easy to place the Sailor Venus.

I put vanilla frosting all over the surface besides the sides, and placed the chocolate Venus.
It's oversized and I could have cut the excess off, but I was afraid it'd break apart and just tilted and placed the chocolate on the top diagonally.

It looked empty, so I decided to add some orange-ish color into vanilla frosting and used a piping bag to draw mini hearts like "Love-Me Chain," which is one of her attacks.
He thought it's V for her name, but no, it's the heart chain.

And I put 2 candles of his age.

The cake was moist and sweet.
Hope my explanations were understandable.

旦那はピルズベリー ファンフェティ プレミアムケーキミックスが好きなので、昨日は
* バニラフロスティングの代わりに、生クリームやクリームチーズも使える


1. 描きたい絵を印刷し、どこに何色を使うかメモを書く。(フリーハンドで描ける場合は
2. クッキングシートを印刷した絵の上に置き、目や洋服のシワを含めた線をなぞる。
3. クッキングシートを裏返し、天板の上に置く。(絵が反転する)
4. 小さなビニール袋にチョコレート(ダークかミルク)を入れ、電子レンジで溶かす。
5. 角を切って極小の穴を開ける。
6. 溶かしたチョコレートで線を描き、全ての線を描いたら鉄板に乗せたまま冷凍庫に5分
7. 固めている間に器にホワイトチョコレートを入れて溶かし、少し冷ましておく。(熱い
8. 冷凍庫から天板を出し、ホワイトチョコレートを白い部分(瞳、洋服、襟の線)に
9. 再度冷凍庫に入れ、チョコレートを固める。
10. 待っている間にホワイトチョコレートを溶かし、リボンと目に使う青色の着色料を
* 私が持っていた着色料は粉末ではなく水でできていたため、チョコレートに混ぜた瞬間に
** フロスティングに色を混ぜて代用しようと思ったけれど、実験的にクッキングシートに
*** 目の白い部分や鼻、唇、セーラー服の白い線は黒い線とは繋がっていないため、ずれ

* 大量のチョコレートに水ベースの着色料を少し入れる分には固まらず、とろっとしたまま

ケーキを置いた。 --- 平らな面の方がセーラーヴィーナスを置きやすいため。


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  1. This is how a talent is put into good use! Good job with the Venus!! Now you can request a return birthday cake with Jupiter on it! ;)

    1. Thank you!
      I wonder how he'll find a time to do this but he's got about 11 months to figure out ;)