Limited For Autumn & Winter Only Ice Cream Bar Called "Amaguri Muichaimashita" Came Back This Year Again


Kracie Foods, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kracie Holdings founded in 1979, but the current company name has been used since 2007 when the latest company inherited the company.

Kracie Foods mainly creates confectioneries and this fall, they brought back the chestnut ice cream bar for fall and winter only again on September 23, 2013.
The ice cream bar is called "Amaguri Muichaimashita."

"Amaguri Muichaimashita" is a famous and long-seller snack and the main and only ingredient is Tianjin sweet roasted chestnut.
Amaguri means chestnut, and the phrase "Muichaimashita" is roughly translated to "pealed off the skin."
The company decided to create this chestnut snack because chestnut can fill you up a little bit and also chestnut is well-balanced ingredients.

The ice cream bar is using sweet chestnuts and the concept is of course the original snack.
Chestnut puree and chestnut paste ice cream are covered with chestnut flavored thin chocolate.
So this ice cream consists of 3 types of chestnut.

According to some websites, this is duplicating the original chestnut snack so that in the center, cooked down chestnuts puree which contains some chunks, and around the puree, it's chestnut paste ice cream.
And very outside is chestnuts flavored chocolate coated.
Thus, you can enjoy 3 layers of puree, ice cream, and chocolate at once.

Additional information besides the 3 layers of chestnuts was on the package.
This ice cream bar uses the same organic chestnuts which are used for the original product, the snack chestnuts.

This is the ice cream.
It looked like a caramel ice cream because of the color outside.

After one bite, I didn't see the chestnut puree yet.
As I mainly tasted the chocolate coating and the ice cream (without the puree), a couple of first seconds, it tasted like cafe au lait.
However, when the ice cream melted away, the roasted chestnut flavor came out clearly.

After 2 big bites, I saw the brown thick sauce in the center.
It actually contained some little chunks in it.
I tried the puree itself and it's much sweeter than the original chestnuts (as it contains sugar).
The sweetness gave some accent to the milky and weak chestnut flavored ice cream and chocolate coating.

However, if you haven't had the original product (chestnuts in pouch), you may not be able to picture the product or even may not think it's chestnut flavored ice cream.

Available only for fall and winter. <Nutrition> per bar is 95ml
Calories: 251kcal
Protein: 2.1g
Fat: 14.7g
Carbohydrate: 27.5g
Natrium: 29mg

Suggested retail price: 137 JPY (before-tax price: 130 JPY)

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