Morinaga Milk Caramel Ice "Ice Cream & Biscuit Dessert"
森永ミルクキャラメルアイス ~アイスとビスケットの冷たいデザート~

Morinaga's milk caramel anniversary product still goes on and this ice cream was launched on June 3rd as the same day of Milk Caramel Pino and a day before Milk Caramel Drink.
This one is also limited product like other 2 goods.

I actually bought this ice cream bar when I found the drink but I kept it in fridge.
Finally I tried this as a part of supper.

The package has exact the same design of the well-known caramel candy box with an image of the ice cream bar inside.
According to the package, biscuit is underneath the caramel flavored ice cream and fully covered with caramel coating.
Also, the biscuit seems to be partially whole-grain.

If you're interested in what the 2 vertical writing in black on the package, please see Milk Caramel Drink.

Package photos.
Top of the box with dot-line to peel off and open.

One side is written in English.

The other side in Japanese.
It's pronounced as "kyarameru" but they keep the way it used be written, so in Japanese it looks like "ki yarameru."
Smaller font letters says that this ice cream was produced based on the popular milk caramel candy.

I thought the plastic would be transparent but it's aluminum so that I couldn't see actual ice cream inside.

It's got some cracks but this is the whole ice cream.

This is how it looks inside.
You can see a thin layer outside, ice cream, and at the bottom, there's biscuit.
Ice cream (both inside and outside) tasted like the other ice cream "Pino," so this one was like bigger Pino with whole-grain biscuit.
It tasted as good as Pino but while holding the ice cream, it started melting pretty quickly as the layer outside is pretty weak and thin as you can see.
If you're planning to eat this outside, I recommend you keep the aluminum cover so that you can keep your finger clean.
Also, you need to eat this quick even though you get ice cream headache, otherwise it'll be a total mess.

<Nutrition> 60ml
Calories: 245 kcal
Protein: 2.4g
Fat: 14.6g
Carbohydrate: 26.0g
Natrium: 63mg

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