Nyanko Sensei No Kuriiri Anman /

Family Mart launched another Nyanko Sensei product on February 19, 2013.
First collaborated pastry was steamed bread, and this time, it's steamed bun with sweet bean-paste and chestnuts dices called Nyanko Sensei No Kuriiri Anman (ニャンコ先生の栗入りあんまん).

It's end of February and I heard Family Mart would sell another steamed bun which is not Nyanko Sensei, so I thought I needed to get one before they launch the new product early in March.

I found a conbini selling the steamed bun today and it was smaller than regular steamed buns I've seen in the heating machine.
As there's a sticker of the limited steamed bun, it was easy to find it.
However, the cashier seemed a little bit confused when I asked for Naynko Sensei No Anman, so I had to say, "The cat one."

This is the actual product.
The image of Nyanko Sensei is a little bit dislocated to the left but I could still see it's a back side of body and head.

Unlike the real character and the former bread, this steamed bun didn't have the gray part; only orange and white.

The filling was pureed sweet beans and it was really sweet.
As the product name says, there're cut chestnuts (yellowish dice) in the bean paste.
Paper underneath the steamed bun had various poses of Naynko Sensei all over.
It was a tiny bun and so sweet, so I thought the size was perfect.
Some Family Mart didn't have the sticker on the machine so they didn't have this from the first or all the stocks were gone by the time I checked the conbini.

120 JPY
231 kcal

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