Baked Apple Cheese / ベイクドりんごチーズ
I found a sweet bread produced by Fujipan, a bread maker in Japan.
The package looked good and the description of the taste and flavor made me wanna try it.

On the black square, it says this product's name and a brief definition of the bread.
They use danish dough and put cheese cream, diced apples, and cheese cake dough, and baked it.
On the right side, there's a picture of the bread and it looks more like a pie.
Top of the bread, white chocolate powder is sprinkled. 
I could see diced apple over the surface when I opened and took out the bread.
It's got weird shape and reminded me of cat's ears, like Hello Kitty.
I could see the danish dough (the bottom) but I couldn't find cheese cake dough well.
The cheese cake part might be the very top but all I could taste was rich cheese cream flavor and texture.

Danish was heavier than pie crust but as it's hard enough, it was easy to hold and eat it without having crumbs all over the place.

Diced apple seemed to be not much in the bread so that all the apple I saw was on the top.
Calories: 348kcal
Protein: 5.1g
Fat: 18.0g
Carbohydrate: 41.5g
Natrium: 336mg
(Sodium chloride equivalent: 0.85g)

To consider the sweetness and the ingredients (cheese cream), the calories is not that high to compare with other pastries.
It could be a nice snack or breakfast.
The diameter was less than 10cm (4inch) so it's not that big but enough portion to satisfy you unless you're starving.

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