Zeitaku Chocolat (limited edition) / 

Calbee Inc. launched limited flavor collaborated with Royce called "Zeitaku Chocolat."
Zeitaku means rich, fine, and luxurious.
Royce' is a chocolate company based in Sapporo, Hokkaido and was founded in 1983.
Its famous product is ganache which only contains 17% of moisture content.
There're directly owned shops mainly in Sapporo and also entire Hokkaido, but they also have online shops.
I found a section sells Royce' chocolate and some other stuff in Narita International Airport, too.
Calbee potato chips x Royce' chocolate reminds me of Royce's chips.
Royce' has been selling chocolate covered potato chips and it was quite tasty.
So it wasn't surprising that Calbee launched salty chips with chocolate.

On the package, しお味に、チョコっと甘さを♪ 
Shio aji ni, choco to amasawo ♪ means "on salty chips, add a hint of sweetness"
*choco is a shorten way we say chocolate and also "chototto" means a little bit, a hint of.

As you can see the images of the chips inside, it's not fully covered but there're lines on zigzag-cut chips.

On the back side, there's a description of this chips.
"Topped with Royce's special chocolate.
Thick-sliced potato chips with sweet and smooth Royce' chocolate topping.
Saltiness  and sweetness matches really well, please enjoy this rich taste."

Underneath, there's Royce' company info.
"Royce' is a chocolate maker in Hokkaido founded in 1983. They produce more than 200 kinds of chocolate and other confectioneries. Especially, 'Royce' ganache (nama chocolate)' is the most popular line and it uses selected chocolate and fresh cream from Hokkaido. These 2 special ingredients create the phenomenal smoothness and this ganache is an unshakable popularity of all the Royce' products.

Inside of the bag, you can see lines of chocolate are only on one side.
This is a close look.
The chips were thicker than regular potato chips.
Saltiness went well with the famous Royce' chocolate really good.
I've tried white chocolate one before, which was from Calbee and using white chocolate, they're just awful...
However, this Royce' one was really good.
I wonder if it's only because they used Royce' or they used different amount of salt on chips.
I'm interested in how they manufacture the chips and draw lines on such a bumpy-cut chips without dripping into the channels.

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