Kirin Gogo no Kocha 
    European Style Winter Special Apple & Ginger
キリン 午後の紅茶  
    ヨーロピアンスタイル Winter Special アップル&ジンジャー

Kirin Beverage Company ltd., founded in 1963, launched new limited flavor in Gogo no Kocha line on November 6, 2012.

Gogo no Kocha, which means afternoon tea, is one of the famous product in Kirin and this was brought to the market in 1986.
We call it "Gogo tea" as a short form with Gogo and Kocha ( = black tea in English).

Brief description of Gogo no Kocha:
The very first one launched in 1986, and the flavor was just a plain black tea (called "straight tea") in 1.5 litter pet bottle. The purpose was to renovate the English tea beverage market with industry's first bottled one since there're only canned English tea.
Following this, from 1988 to 1989, they started selling Lemon Tea and Milk Tea, which are the current regular 3 lines and became one of the leader products of Kirin.

Product name is a direct translation of afternoon tea which Anna Maria (Anna Russell, Duchess of Duke of Bedford VII) first ever started.
Thus, on Gogo no Kocha package, you can see her upper torso with decorated big hat.
One of the female employees came up with this name.
According to PR team in Kirin, a popularity ranking of the regular 3 is "Straight Tea" in the first place followed by "Milk Tea" and "Lemon Tea."
From 2001, it's also available in China and Taiwan, and in 2009, they started selling in Thailand, too.

Ok, this winter flavor's full name is 
Kirin Gogo no Kocha European Style Winter Special Apple & Ginger / 
キリン 午後の紅茶ヨーロピアンスタイル Winter Special アップル&ジンジャー
Such a long name...
This new limited flavor's motif is Christmas tea, which is much-loved in Europe.
Also they added Snow White on the package.
I guess it's apple flavor, so it's easy to see why Snow White is there.

On the back side, there's a witch with apple in the hands with deceiving smile.

On the side, there's a little story of this product.
This is an authentic flavored tea to enjoy the ingredients.
Everyone knows the princess in a country.
This sweet apple with spicy ginger flavored tea express the one scene of pretty Snow White with apple red cheeks and the witch trying to trap her.
You'll be in wonderland once you drink this tea.

When I bought this, I thought it'd have strong ginger flavor and less sweet apple flavor.
However, I didn't really taste much ginger and it had great amount of sweet taste with apple scent.
Maybe a hint of ginger right before apple flavor disappeared. 

Cute package, interesting taste, and sometimes you can find this in a supermarket and sold cheaper than retail price in conbini. --- I bought this from a supermarket and was sold around 100 yen instead of 140 yen.
To try something new and limited flavor, I think it's easily accepted by anyone even those who are not big fun of ginger.

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  1. I almost tried that the other day. Now I'm definitely going to get it before it's discontinued. Thanks!

    1. Yay! I'm looking forward to your evaluation ;)