Black Thunder Box Cake / ブラックサンダー BOXケーキ

Black Thunder is a popular and really cheap chocolate snack sold in conbini.
Sometimes it's set on one of the racks, but sometimes you can find them in a box by the cashier or both.
Black Thunder is produced by Yuraku Confectionery, HQ is located in Kodaira-city, Tokyo.
It has several variations but the most famous one should be original bar, mix of black cocoa cookies with milk chocolate.

The package says the following.
ブラックサンダー 黒い雷神

It literally means from the top;
Black Thunder  Black Thunder God
Massive hit among young women!
Tastiness is like Inazuma (lightning)!

Basically, they put "thunder" a lot on package as you can see also.
I'm not sure if this snack is more famous in females than males and also I'm not quite sure what they wanted to say through "tastiness is like lightning!" yet I think it implies something shockingly yummy?

Calories per pouch is 115 kcal and the content (a chocolate bar) is 22gm.

Anyways, now you can kind of picture the package has lightening image with gold on both sides and in the middle to coincide with the name.

Last weekend, I found Black Thunder Box Cake in a conbini.
It's been such a long time since last time I had Black Thunder and when I saw this package, I had to get it. (Lucky I bought as I couldn't find this near my house.)

On the cover, it has a label with same line on the left side (I couldn't catch with my camera).
The black and white dots cookies are the Black Thunder.

Calories of this entire cake is 303 kcal.
It's about 3 times more than the chocolate bar but the amount of the cake in it, it's not that bad.
And also it was 260 JPY, which is 8 times more expensive than the popular Black Thunder.

Uncover the lid, and I saw some broken but big chunks of Black Thunder on the top.
Underneath Black Thunder chunks, there're smooth chocolate mousse, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate lines.
Looks fancy. I can't picture the cheap snack in this.

It's not only a chocolate mousse dessert, but it has layers.
From the bottom, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate pudding (not confident to say but it was flabby like jelly), and chocolate mousse.
Yes, everything was chocolate. What a wonderful dessert!

The sponge cake was really soft and not mushy at all since it's under chocolate pudding.
The pudding made it a little bit difficult to pick up the whole layer as the pudding let the sponge cake slide off. It's tasted close to cocoa with extra milk.
The mousse was really fine and smooth.

Overall, this cake didn't let me have the feeling I'm eating Black Thunder since this cake has delicate and chic aspect in the meantime Black Thunder itself has such a reasonable and can be eaten while you walk, like Snickers.

I recommend you get both this and the regular Black Thunder to see what it is originally.

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3 件のコメント :

  1. This was amazing!
    A friend of mine said she found this at 100 yen Lawson, too.

  2. Of course it would be interesting to try this snack but frankly speaking it looks strange. Of course it could be very tasty but I don't understand which ingredients it contain and are they useful or not. The half of testimonials on Ultius are not good and this makes me think one more time.