Homemade "Smoke" Beef

I wanted to make smoked meat and chose beef.

To buy a smoker costs and I wasn't sure how enthusiastic I would be to make another one.
Thus, I searched some recipe and found a unique technique to put the flavor into the ingredients in a regular oven.

Here is the easy steps to have smoke beef.

A block of meat (any kind, but I used beef this time)
Salt (by guesswork)
Spice mix (by guesswork)
Lemon grass (2-3 strands) >>> tear them into about 2in.


(1) Get a block of meat. 
This was only 397 yen for 406g.

(2) Poke, poke and poke!!
I used toothpick but it WAS a lot of work so I recommend a knife or fork.

(3) Sprinkle seasonings over the meat.

(4) Seasonings are salt, coriander, lemon grass, and mix masala from Dubai. 
(I noticed that the mix masala contains coriander, so I put away the coriander bottle.)

(5) Work the spices into the meat.
Do this all over the meat.

(6) Put in a ziplock bag with lemon grass.

(7) Let it rest in fridge for 2-3 days.
Drain the liquid if there's any coming out from the meat. 

(8) Preparation to smoke.
Cover the oven tray with aluminum foil first
(so that in case the drippings come out while cooking, it's easy to clean the tray). 
Place cooking sheet/wax paper. 
Spread tea leaves to give flavor into the beef.
I used Taiwanese tea called Toho Bijin (東方美人),
but any tea leaves (English tea, too) are fine.

(9) Place the meat over the beef over the leaves. 
*Fat part should face to the bottom. 
You can wipe off the leaves after it's cooked.

(10) Preheat the oven at 120 Celsius.

(11) Place the tray at the bottom.

(12) Grill the beef for 90min at 120 Celsius.

(13) Leave the beef for 20min after the timer goes off. 
To let the meat settle, you can leave the beef in the oven and it won't burn.

(14) Done!

(15) Inside of the meat. 
Wish I had meat slicer to serve thinner beef.

(16) Ready to eat!

Thou I didn't use any smoker as you could see, the beef had nice flavor into it.
As it's easy to prepare and cook, you can have some flavorful beef at the table or even in sandwiches. 

<Extra recipe for mashed potato>
Some potatoes were sitting in my fridge but I didn't wanna get them bad, so I cut them randomly and used microwave to cook it in a silicone steamer. (10min)

Put the cooked potatoes into a ziplock bag and smash the potatoes with fist.
I recommend you think of something or someone you're annoyed at when you punch the bag because it really works well.

Once it's soft and no more chunks, flatten out the bag evenly and put in freezer.

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