Pink Macaroon Sweet
Acai Berry & Raspberry Jelly

New sweet from Uchi Cafe series of Lawson.

This new sweet caught my attention really quickly!
It's pink and macaroon, also using real strawberries.

It looks fancy and really cute!
A white chocolate and dried strawberry flakes are on the top of the macaroon shell.

Usually macaroons are containing cream between the shells but this one has whipped cream and cut strawberries on the syrup-soaked sponge at the bottom.

In the center, there's a hard jelly of acai berry and raspberry.

The whipped cream wasn't too sweet so I could enjoy the sweetness of strawberries.

Light macaroon, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, jelly and soft sponge. 
It was a lot to enjoy the various textures in just one sweet.

395 JPY
269 kcal

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