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My son's daycare had a Thanksgiving potluck event, and I was thinking to bring something easy like brownies, but they asked to bring something that represents my culture, so I started thinking what's good for everyone for unique but also easy to cook and nutritious.

It's fall, I love sweet potatoes, and I decided to make Daigaku-Imo.
Daigaku-Imo is deep fried sweet potatoes coated with sweet syrup, and it can be a snack or side dish.

The literal translation of Daigaku-Imo is “University Potato,” and there’re several alleged origins but the 3 following stories are most famous ones.

1. College students enjoyed eating them from 1910s in Kanda area in Tokyo that has many universities.

2. Early in 1930s, Tokyo University students started selling them to cover school expenses.

3. There’s a baked sweet potato shop called Mikawaya in front of Tokyo University, and their potatoes smothered in syrup became very famous among students in early 1910s.

Recipe --- No deep fry recipe.
Sweet potato --- 10 oz.
Vegetable oil --- 3 Tbsp
Granulated sugar --- 2 Tbsp
Soy sauce --- 1 Tsp
Honey --- 2 Tbsp
Water --- 1 Tbsp
Black sesame to garnish.

1. Wash sweet potatoes, chop them into chunks, put in water for 5 minutes.
   (It's to remove harsh taste before cooking.)
2. Drain and put them in a bowl, cover with a plastic wrap, and microwave for 5 minutes.

3. Heat a pan with vegetable oil, put the sweet potatoes and fry them until they’re golden and crispy on the outside over medium heat.
(Leave the potatoes alone for 2-3 minutes and flip to maintain the shape.)

4. Combine ★ and bring it to a boil in a pan, then add fried sweet potatoes and gently toss them.

5. Garnish with black sesame.




1. 東京の神田エリアに大学が多く、1910年代から大学生が好んで食べていた
2. 1930年代に東京大学の生徒が学費をまかなうために売り始めた
3. 東京大学の前に三河屋というふかし芋のお店があり、ふかし芋に甘い蜜をからめた

レシピ --- 今回は揚げ焼きにしたサツマイモで作った。
サツマイモ --- 300g
植物油 --- 大さじ3
★砂糖 --- 大さじ2
★醤油 --- 小さじ1
★はちみつ --- 大さじ2
★水 --- 大さじ1
黒ごま --- 飾り用

1. サツマイモを洗い、乱切りにし、水に5分ほどさらす(アク抜き)
2. 水を捨て、サツマイモをボウルに移してラップをし、電子レンジで5分加熱

3. フライパンに植物油を熱し、中火でサツマイモを入れて表面がきつね色になるまで

4. ★を合わせフライパンに入れ、揚げたサツマイモを入れてゆっくり混ぜる

5. 黒ごまをかける

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