Fujiya's Milky Flavored Soft Cookies

Fujiya, a confectionery company launched a new cookie called "Milky Nama Sable" on November 5, 2013.
What "Nama" here means is half-raw, not-fully-cooked, or rare used for steaks unlikely it actually means raw or uncooked.
Sweets with definition of "Nama" became pretty popular from a while ago and it seems like the word and the term is now used for many things.

Fujiya's new cookie, they named it sable, is moist and soft, according to the package.
The letter on the right over a piece of cookie says, "しっとりやわらか半熟食感 (Shittori Yawaraka Hanjuku Shokkan)" and it means "moist and soft, half-raw texture" for the literal translation.

This cookie uses the same condensed milk used for the Milky, and the cookies are baked carefully to let them have half-uncooked part inside.
Milky is the Fujiya's most popular product and it's a soft candy.
And the actual "Milky" candy box is red, and this cookie's box is also red to be coherent.

This package is interesting.
One side is sideways and the other side is longways.

A box contains 10 individually packaged cookies inside.
It's difficult to see due to the lighting, but the dots are pink and white on red package.
Can you see pink and white dots???

The diameter of the cookie was about 5cm, so it's pretty small.

Inside of the cookie had soft and moist but not runny part between the crispy cookie outside.

I could imagine what kind of texture of this cookie would have, which is "crispy outside and moist and mushy inside."
The cookie had exactly the same texture that I thought.
However, this cookie had surprisingly dense flavor inside; the squishy part.
It wasn't that sweet or gooey like the popular "Milky" soft candy, but it definitely had the similar scent and taste in it.

As it's packed respectively, it wasn't that hard to stop eating.

<Nutrition> per cookie
Calories: 63kcal
Protein: 0.6g
Fat: 2.6g
Carbohydrate: 9.3g
Natrium: 34mg

Suggested retail price is 200 JPY + 5% of tax = 210 JPY

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