At ANA Crowne Plaza Kanazawa, We Realized That Actually The Photo Shown In The Menu Could Deceive Customers

While I was in my hometown and took a half day trip to Kanazawa with my husband, we decided to fill the hour till we leave for another destination at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel.
The reason we were there was on the way to Kanazawa, my husband started searching some afternoon tea place near the station and found one at one of the closest hotels around JR Kanazawa station, and that was the ANA hotel.

On the smartphone, we saw a Christmas-ish afternoon tea set for incredibly reasonable price; 2 for 2,500 JPY including tea or coffee.

After we went sightseeing, we stopped by at the hotel without reservation around 2:30 PM on Sunday.

When we're at the entrance of the lounge called "Cascade Lounge" at the first floor, there's nobody standing at the counter and nobody was coming to guide us to the place.
Finally a waiter came to us, my husband said we'd like the afternoon tea set in Japanese.
However, the waiter asked ME if we wanted to have tea (WTF!?), so I said, "Ah... my husband said we'd like the afternoon tea set just now."

When we got to a table, the waiter showed a menu for a second and asked if we wanted to have tea or coffee so we asked for tea.
*No tea leaves can be chosen.

The waiter went away with the menu so I had no chance to take a photo of it.
I took some photos of the lounge instead.
There's a big Christmas tree with shiny purple and pink balls by the hotel entrance.
This is the Cascade Lounge.
The ceiling had sparkly and bright chandeliers and the far back side, there's bamboo trees.

When another waiter came back, my husband asked the menu and here's the photo.

That is blurred, so here's the screen shot of the "image" they have on line.

It's weird that the menu they handed indicates the price is 2,200 JPY for two persons, but online, it says 2,500 JPY.
So until we get our bill, I wasn't sure which was applied.
*Both include tax and service charge.

Tea came first with a big silver pot.

And we thought we'd get this holiday season's special afternoon tea set, which is available from November 1 - December 31, 2013.
However, when it had arrived, we're like, "???"
See? Nothing is the same with the photo.
We're aware of that the image on the menu or online always has a little note, "the picture shown in the image and the actual plate may differ."

But, but, but, this is FAR from the image. 
Too different to have been able to foresee this would be provided.
No Christmas holly shaped decoration, no Santa Clause, no raspberry cake, nor chocolate cake.
Even the plates they used is so different.
Seriously nothing resembles!

Anyways, this is what they had for the afternoon tea set for real.
Top plate: sweets
Technically on this plate, each cake was provided one piece only.

Bottom plate: sweets with scones

This is a little plate to use.

Sweet potato with whipped cream sandwich
The whipped cream was soft but not too sweet so that I could taste the sweetness of the potato.

It was not a scone, it was like a cookie.
As this was cold, the clotted cream didn't melt and stayed solid.
Strawberry jam and blueberry jam.
One strawberry cut into half to share.
The glass was cute.

Moving on to the top plate.
Strawberry jelly
(from the top)

From the side.
The jelly was similar to Jell-O, so it was not soft or fragile jelly.

Blueberry cheesecake
The bottom was blueberry sponge cake and upper side was unbaked cheesecake topped with a fresh blueberry.

Apple cinnamon cake
The sponge cake was bouncy, soft, and moist.
At the bottom, there're apple comport dices.
The fan looking decoration was made of milk chocolate.

Raspberry cake
The sponge cake at the bottom was chocolate flavored and the top two layers were close to bavarois.
On the top, there're a raspberry, a rose petal, and ground pistachio.

Orange cake
Plain sponge cake with orange flavored bavarois and jelly.
On the top, there's a cut orange and little chocolate balls.

Matcha cake
Green tea sponge cake, azuki (sweet red beans) mousse, and green tea mousse with whipped cream and white chocolate plate.
The chocolate plate had gold flakes.
Kanazawa is famous for gold leaves, so no wonder they sprinkled.

Most of them tasted fine but still I've never seen anything like this fraud image before.
I'm sure there're some minor changes between the display and the actual good, but this was exceptionally a major modification.

At least they'd better change the image on the internet and the menu, and also they should match the price on both; 2,200 JPY or 2,500 JPY.

Cascade Lounge / カスケードラウンジ
1F, ANA Crowne Plaza Kanazawa,
16-3, Showa-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

ANAクラウンプラザ金沢 1階

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