Sarabeth's Central Park South in NYC
Sarabeth's is well-known as a brunch place and it came to Japan in November, 2012.
However, until then I didn't know about this place and even friends from New York haven't heard it before.
I was interested in trying their pancakes in Tokyo, however, the review said the service wasn't good and the place is always packed and no privacy, thus I had less and less urge to eat at the Tokyo branch.

So, while I was in NY end of the last year, my fiance made a reservation and we could try the food there.

It was also packed in NY one, and I heard there're several branches in NYC.
The one we went to was called Central Park South and it's located right next to the park.

When we got there, all the tables were taken and we saw some waiting lines.
I think they've booked the place in advance but some groups were there for a long time.

At the waiting space, there're sofa and a big mirror with notes.
"If you like us for Brunch... You'll love us for dinner."
*You can see some people in the reflection and these people were those who waiting to be seated.
I wonder if the notes on the mirror is true as some places can serve fine light meals, but they're not capable of making big dinner properly or precisely.
But the main reason I wanted to come here was to try the pancake.

This is the menu set outside and you'll get the same one once you're at the table, too.

We're seated by the window and the view was... 
full of cabs and coach and horses.

I ordered Buttermilk Pancake, a basic one, served with fresh strawberries.
I'm not big fan of ricotta cheese pancake so I went for traditional pancake.
(Listed in "Sweet Breakfast" box.)
This pancake was thinner than I thought.
For example, ricotta cheese one tends to puff up and has height, but buttermilk one usually are flatter.
This plate had 5 pancakes, it wasn't that filling and I could finish them without a problem.
Fresh strawberries were on the plate as if they'd been just scattered, which kind of made me it's like having brunch at home.
This pancake was made simple but as I like regular, homemade, not fancy pancake like IHOP, this was my favorite type of pancake.

My fiance ordered Free-Range Chicken Pot Pie.
(Listed underneath the green colored "Lunch" section.)
This was large. Really big chicken pot pie.
The pie plate's width was about 20cm (7.8inch) or more.
It was extremely hot and the pie was crispy.
Ingredients were chicken, carrots, onions, peas, and potatoes.
I thought in the states, they use white meat but I saw some dark meats in the stew so we didn't eat all the chicken.
Top of the pie was golden brown and the side facing to the stew was soft.
In comparison, the pie crust around the pie bowl was all crispy and it was like plain biscuit.
It was large enough to share with 2 persons.

My pancake was 15.5 US dollars and the pot pie was 19 US dollars.
Not that reasonable price for the pancake as consumption tax will be added and also we pay tips, but maybe for some occasion, this place would be nice to eat at.
Next time I come back, I'd like to try Fat and Fluffy French Toast.

Sarabeth's (Central Park South)
40 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019

Open every day from 8AM - 11PM (Sundays, they close at 10PM).
Recommend you reserve a table in advance via the website or phone call.

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