Pon de Ring Nama / ポン・デ・リング生 from Mister Donut

Mister Donut, a donut chain owned by Duskin has launched new type of Pon de Ring to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Pon de Ring came out in 2003.
The maker copied famous Brazilian cheese bun called "pão de queijo (ポン・デ・ケージョ)," which is made with cassava (キャッサバ) and cheese and is a springy bite-size bread.
They wanted to use the interesting texture for Pon de Ring.

In 2013, it's been 10 years since the original Pon de Ring was sold, they made new type of Pon de Ring, and it's called "Pon de Ring Nama."
Technically "nama" means raw, but lately it's used for description of soft, like ganache.
The advertisement tends to say "Nama chocolate" which means ganache.

This new Pon de Ring Nama has much bouncier but softer texture than the original one.
They had a lot of commercials for announce this special donut with this person mainly and HIS name is Matsuko Deluxe, who is technically a guy but dresses up like a woman.
S/he's a columnist but these days s/he is on TV a lot.
This ad is from their official page.
Did you notice that s/he wears Pon de Ring shaped earring?

You can watch the commercial here on YouTube.

When we went to buy 4 flavors, the shop we went to only had 1 flavor...
And we saw an apology ad outside.
Closeup photo.
"We're so sorry to announce that Pon de Ring Nama series have been selling so well and we may not have enough stocks."

But, my fiance got the rest of the flavors other days and we could try all the 4 kinds!

Pon de Ring Nama (sugar glazed)
This was place in a special 10th anniversary paper tray.
Holding up the donut, I was so afraid it'd break apart as it's really soft, light, and fragile.
The dough is plain and sweet.

Pon de Ring Nama Choco Golden 
(covered with chocolate and crunchy yellow sugar bits are sprinkled)

Pon de Chocolat Nama (chocolate flavored dough with sugar glaze)

Pon de Chocolat Nama Chocolate Crunch
(chocolate flavored dough covered with chocolate crunch)
Inside of the donut, there's darker chocolate filling but it's not cream.
It's more like another layer of dough.
My favorite one was the Chocolate Crunch among these 4 flavors.
If you like the original Pon de Ring's soft but hard texture, this Nama is too light and weird for you.
The only way you can find it out is to try both.

Mister Donut has 100 JPY and 120 JPY sales often but this Nama series won't be on sale, according to the HP.
Yet the webpage doesn't say till when they'll sell this Nama series, but it could be limited time offer.

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