Mister Donut: Snoopy's Mont Blanc House / 

Mister Donut, this is probably less popular or even not known in the states anymore even though the original company was located in Boston, Massachusetts in 1955.
In 1990, Allied Lyons acquired the company, most of the shops became Dunkin' Donuts and nowadays it's running mainly in Japan and some Asian countries.

For Christmas campaign 2012, they made Snoopy's Mont Blanc Houses with 4 flavors.
From the left, strawberry, marron, blueberry, and chocolate.

This strawberry cream contains actual strawberry pulp and not only sweet but also sour.

Marron (chestnut) 
Unlikely regulra marron monc blanc, this was much brighter color and more like yellowish white cream.

This is also contains blueberry pulp in the cream.
So far, it was my favorite.

It was sweet milk chocolate cream.

We could have Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Lucy chocolate but apparently there're other characters including Woodstock.

Overall, the cream was not only over the cupcake and inside of the cake, a lot of soft and sweet cream was filled and it's like cream puff but outside was cupcake.
I thought it was a little bit too much and I could only have 2 at a time.

Cupcake part was quite good and flavorful but I really wish there's less cream with it.
As individual cupcake was in little house, so it was easy to take out from the box.
It was acceptable cupcake and I bought them only because it's limited menu with Snoopy design.
I'll just buy regular donuts next time I go to Mister Donut.

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