Vanilla Souffle of Hoshino Coffee Shop /
星乃珈琲店 窯焼きスフレ

A couple of weeks ago I went to Hoshino Coffee Shop in Shinjuku to try their famous souffle pancake and saw this heath-baked vanilla souffle on the menu.
Souffle Pancake and French Toast 

Last weekend, my friends came to Japan so I brought them to this coffee shop and I tried the vanilla souffle.

Same as the souffle pancake, they informed me it'd take 20 minutes to bake it.

Souffle is a type of baked cake which is made with custard (egg yolks) and meringue (beaten egg white) and originated in France.
When it's just taken out from oven, it's tall and raised high and soft but in about 20 minutes or so, it gradually start shrinking and sinking down.
Thus, it is supposed to be served quickly and enjoy the softness while it's hot.

About 20 minutes later as told, I saw a tall souffle on the counter and was hoping it was mine.
But the souffle was sitting there for a bit and nobody was taking to anywhere.

When one of the waiters noticed it's ready to serve and brought to me, I got super excited and said, "Yaaaaaay!"
I guess he was surprised and thought I was going nuts over the souffle.
Looks really good and lightly brown crispy surface with powder sugar topping.
Sweet flavor was coming out from the plate.
When I put a spoon into the souffle, I could feel crispiness on the face for a moment but soon it felt really soft inside of the cake.
Inside of the souffle is like this.
As the menu said vanilla souffle, vanilla beans were seen in the custard cream.
The sweet flavor wasn't only from the custard but also the vanilla beans.

The texture was close to Chawan-Mushi (茶碗蒸し), steamed egg hotchpotch.
The top of the souffle stayed soft and high even though I had put a spoon and had a bite.
Inside was steamy and really hot. I even burned my tongue...

For the second bite, I had both of the crispy surface and melty custard together.
The crispy and light tops melted away and the sweet vanilla custard stayed in my mouth.

I ate this whole souffle, but it was a huge mistake.
Although I love sweets, this souffle was extremely sweet and I got sick afterwards.

If you have enough time to wait for this souffle, you might wanna share with someone or don't eat the whole thing.

To be honest, I'd rather recommend souffle pancake since it was way better and enjoyable.

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