Oreo Creamsicle (Limited Edition)

Oreo produced another limited version of yellow biscuit oreo.
I simply wonder how often they launch these new limited flavors.
This Oreo is named Creamsicle, which is an American classic brand creating Popsicles, ice candy bars.
You can see a huge ice cream bar behind the image of cookie and letters.

Thought it's a well-known brand, I don't remember if I've had one ever before, so it was hard to say this Creamsicle resembles the actual Popsicle or not.

On the side, different shot of Oreo cookies with Creamsicle brand tag.

Color of the cookie is yellowish plain cookie so if I don't see the cream from the side, I won't be able to tell the difference between this Creamsicle and Lemon Twist.

Also same as the Lemon Twist, the calories for 2 cookies are 150 kcal.

When I opened the sealed cover, I saw random and uneven ration of orange and white cream between the cookies.

As the photos on the package are perfectly 50-50 proportion so that I thought the actual Oreos would be the same.
I twisted the sandwich to take out one of the cookies to see the filling inside...
Definitely they're not uniform and I saw more orange paste than white.

Tasted like weaken or thinned orange juice with extra sugar.
I have no idea if it's close to Popsicle orange ice cream bar.

I had 2-3 cookies to see what this one was like, but again, 2 limited editions in a row, I didn't enjoy them much :(

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