I yearned for "Mayo Chu Chu"

"Mayo Chu Chu (マヨチュッチュ)" was once really famous.
One of the members from SMAP (a Japanese idle group) sold a CD, and the concept was he's being a mom wearing woman's make-ups and frilly apron. The character was called "Shingo Mama."

He likes mayonnaise and sucks a tube as if he's drinking milk from nursing bottle.
I was wondering how it tastes and how it feels.

However, I HATE mayo.
I'm against mayo.
I avoid mayo and ask if the menu I was thinking to get contains mayo.
And I request no not to put on my plate.

One night, I stopped at Family Mart, a convenience store chain, to look for a dessert.

And I found this.

When I first saw this, I had to look at this twice.
It exactly looks like mini version of mayonnaise tube but was se on a dessert corner.

The sticker says, "Hokkaido Deka Purin de chu-  custard flavor."
Hokkaido --- North part of Japan (a square/lozenge-shaped island)
Deka --- means big (proper word is "dekai" which is really casual adjetive used for big)
Purin --- pudding
Chu- --- colloquial use to "suck"

So basically, it's a mayo shaped bottle but the inside is custard flavor pudding.

I was too curious to leave it behind and bought it.

Twisting the red cap to open, I got even more excited.

It has a aluminum lid between the tube and cap.

Though I don't like mayo, I know how it looks like since my brother loves it and uses it on some foods he doesn't like.

When I found this lable, I got an idea what's gonna happen next.

And I was right!!
Look at the STAR!
This was exactly what I was hoping and almost sure about it'd have this shape.

They copied Kewpie mayonnaise really well.

This is called "Mayo Chu Chu"

As I don't like mayonnaise, I'd never imagined to get to do this.

But thanks to this weird pudding dessert, I experienced "mayo chu chu."

"Chu" in this case means "kiss" so it's literally meaning "kissing mayo" and the definition became "suck it directly."

It wasn't the end of this story.
Next day, when I say the bottle, it got me more than surprised. It was seriously scary...

As you can see, the way the caramel and egg part separates reminded me of the real mayo when oil comes apart inside of the tube.

I was like, "Eww!" and didn't finish this pudding thou this was just a regular pudding.

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