Lunch Pack Collection:
Katsuura Dan Dan Noodle

Supervised by "熱血!! 勝浦タンタンメン船団/Passion!! Katsuura Dan Dan Noodle Fleet."

Katsuura city is located in Chiba prefecture and it's on the edge of the land and facing to the Pacific ocean.

About 50yrs ago, this noodle was born to heat up divers and fishers' cold body during job at sea in winter.

The distinctive point of this Katsuura Dan Dan Noodle is the soy sauce based soup with chili oil.

Common Dan Dan Noodle uses sesame paste for the soup.

Also it uses stir-fried onion and ground meat.

I think this was spicy enough to have warning on the package.

(But not idiotically spicy.)

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