Baked Ziti

I wanted to have baked ziti as my first post on this blog as it's something special to me :9

Carbs and cheese are my faves (besides sweets) and baked ziti is one of my favorite dishes now.
My preference is "spicy-hot meat sauce" and also the "crust/edge" as it's crispy and it enables me to enjoy different texture of cheese; soft and hard.

First time I had it was... November 2010, I think.
Till then, never had or never heard.

Every time I have it, I get really excited and even bring the leftover to the office for lunch.
Many asked me, "What is that?" "Wow, something smells really nice...." Those questions make me feel special. (Besides I'm not the one cook this plate. lol)

ベイクド ジティ

記念すべき最初の投稿は、私にとって特別な料理の「ベイクド ジティ」。

お菓子が大好き!炭水化物とチーズも大好き!なので、ベイクド ジティは、2010年11月(だったと思う)に初めて食べてから、今は私の好きな料理のひとつ。



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