Sesame Street Cup Noodle "Sesamen" /

I went to Universal Studio Japan early in March and bought this "Sesame/セサめん."
This is a cup noodle and Sesamen is a combined name of "Sesame" and "Men," which means noodle in Japanese.
Also this cup noodle comes with Elmo's naruto, which is a type of kamaboko (fish minced and steamed sausage-ish food.
Naruto has pattern inside as same as cookie-cutter candy.

On the side, it says it contains sesame seeds.
Sesame seeds are considered as nutritious and energy charge ingredient.
Also it says it's a sesame soy sauce flavored soup.

More Elmo on the cup itself, too.

When I opened the lid, I could see a lot of Elmo already.
There're dried leek, egg, and sliced pork chips over the noodle and powdered soup.
I'm not big fan of these pork and egg, but as it's my first time to eat this, I left them as they were.
I couldn't see any single sesame seed...

Poured 170ml of hot water and waited for 3 minutes.
Elmo became bigger, and other toppings became softer.
However, I still don't see sesame seeds and wonder if there're any really.

Even though my photo doesn't show sesame seeds, I saw some floating on the soup and between noodles.
It was soy sauce based soup like other regular cup noodles I've had, but I don't think they put any sesame flavored ingredient in the soup.
Maybe what they meant by saying "sesame soy sauce flavor" could be "sesame seeds in soy sauce based soup" I guess.

It's a mini size, so when I'm a bit hungry, I'd eat.
When I'm starving, I would end up eating 2 cups to satisfy my stomach.

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